ProGrade Digital CFexpress™ 2.0 Type A Memory Card (Gold)

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240GB / 480GB

Read Speed

Up to 900MB/s

Write Speed

Up to 800MB/s

Form Factor

CFexpress Type A Cards


Type A: 20mm x 28mm x 2.8mm


Operating Temperature:
-12°C to 72°C

Storage Temperature:
-20°C to 85°C

Save Battery

Low power consumption for extended battery life when recording continuous video.


3-year warranty

The CFexpress™ 2.0 Type A Gold card from ProGrade Digital features read speeds of up to 900MB/s, sustained write speed of 600MB/s, and burst write speeds of up to 800MB/s. In addition, the ProGrade Digital CFexpress Type A Gold card delivers a minimum sustained write speed of 200MB/s (VPG 200) – specifically designed for high-resolution video capture. The CFexpress Type A Gold card is available in a 240GB and 480GB capacity. The CFexpress 2.0 Type A Gold cards utilize PCIe Gen 3 X1 interconnect with NVMe host controller interface and when combined with a ProGrade Digital 3.2 Gen 2 card reader they provide a complete solution for capturing and downloading still and video images and improving your digital imaging workflow.

What is CFexpress?

CFexpress is a removable media standard created by the CompactFlash Association. There were three form factors defined in the standard: Type A, Type B, and Type C. All form factors leverage the PCIe® Gen 3 interface for higher performance based on a computing industry storage interface and utilize NVME Express™ 1.3 protocols. For more information visit

What is the difference between CFexpress Type A and CFexpress Type B?

The CFexpress Type A memory card is a lot smaller, measuring 20mm x 28mm x 2.8mm, while the CFexpress Type B measures 29.6mm x 38.5mm x 3.8mm. The CFexpress Type A uses 2-lane memory while the CFexpress Type B uses 4-lane memory.

Which memory card reader do I need for this CFexpress Type A card?

This memory card is compatible with our CFexpress Type A and SDXC UHS-II Dual-Slot card reader (PG09).

What cameras are compatible with CFexpress Type A Cards?

Currently the only cameras that take CFexpress Type A memory cards are the Sony A1, Sony a7S III, Sony a7R V, Sony FX6, Sony FX3, Sony FR7, and Sony FX30. While we attempt to keep this list as inclusive as possible, there may be additional Sony cameras that have been introduced since the writing of this FAQ.

What does VPG200 mean for CFexpress card speed?

Video Performance Guarantee 200 (VPG200) means that when you are recording, you can ensure that the minimum write speed while recording is at least 200MP/s without dropping any frames.

How do I recover lost images from my CFexpress Type A memory card?

At ProGrade Digital, we’ve engineered the most advanced all-inclusive video and photo restoration software out there. You can check to see if your files can be restored before you even purchase the program!

Is the CFexpress Type A memory card the right card for my needs?

The ProGrade Digital CFexpress Type A is the perfect memory card for capturing high-resolution videos that require high bit rates and are great for still shooters.

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