Ingest Pro Software




Streamline Your Data Management Workflow

All-In-One Tool

Effectively create copies, backups, archive and organize files efficiently by using metadata ensuring call key information is captured.

Duplicate Detection

Duplicate detection helps prevent the accumulation of redundant files.

Checksum Creation

Create file integrity checksums using MD5, XXH and SHA1.

Keep Your Cards Fresh

Sanitize and perform health check reports with ProGrade Digital cards and readers.

Ingest Pro Software Interface

Quick Glance Screenshots

ProGrade Digital's Ingest Pro software - designed for Windows and MacOS devices enables videographers and photographers to streamline their data management workflow. Ingest Pro incorporates features from Refresh Pro, which ensures your memory cards are quickly refreshed for re-use in the capture environment*.

Ingest Pro enables you to effectively manage your digital data by creating copies, backups, archive files, and more!  Organize your files efficiently by using metadata ensuring that all key information is captured. You can also select specific file types depending on the transfer you are completing. Ingest Pro allows you to create checksum MD5, XXH, and SHA1 for data integrity.

Pricing of Ingest Pro is only $99.99 for a one-year license and a free trial is available.

*This functionality is specifically designed to be used with ProGrade Digital workflow readers and ProGrade Digital memory cards that have an "R" symbol on the front label.

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