ProGrade Digital CFast™ 2.0 Cobalt Memory Card

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320GB / 640GB

Read Speed

Up to 550MB/s

Write Speed

Up to 470MB/s

Refresh Pro

Compatible with Refresh Pro. This tool will ensure that your cards will always perform at their best. (Refresh Pro sold separately)

Save Battery

Low power consumption for extended battery life when recording continuous video.


3-year warranty


Operating Temperature:
0°C to 70°C

Storage Temperature:
-40°C to 100°C

Form Factor

CFast Cards


CFast: 36.4mm x 42.8mm x 3.6mm

ProGrade Digital provides the highest quality, best performing CFast cards for professionals who capture using DSLR, Mirrorless, and Digital Cinema Camcorders. ProGrade’s CFast 2.0, 3rd generation Cobalt memory cards are guaranteed to perform at a sustained read speed of up to 550MB/s and sustained write speed of up to 470MB/s. The CFast 2.0 card is Video Performance Grade 130 (VPG 130), which guarantees that write speed within the camera will not drop below 130MB/second—a level required by high-performance cameras, allowing precise capture without dropping frames when creating 8K, 6K, 4K, Full HD and high bit rate RAW and MPEG-4 files.

Refresh Pro ™ enabled to quickly refresh card performance and monitor card health.

CFast card data recovery with advanced Recovery Pro Software. At ProGrade Digital, we’ve engineered the most advanced all-inclusive video and photo restoration software out there. Although not included in this package, you can find it on our site and know right away if your files can be restored before you even purchase the program!

Official Memory Card Supplier to the FIA World Rally Championship

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What is a CFast card?

CFast 2.0 memory cards are based on SATA-3 and support bus speeds up to 600MB/s. The CompactFlash Association (CFA) is the organization responsible for the CFast specification along with other industry standards like CompactFlash™, XQD™, and CFexpress™.

Which cameras use CFast cards?

CFast compatible cameras include video cameras from Canon, Red, and Black Magic.

Is CFast the same as Compact Flash? (CFast vs CF)

CFast vs Compact Flash memory cards are often confused with each other because of their similar names and dimensions. However, the connectors for each card are completely different so they can not fit into the same devices. The Compact Flash standard was introduced in 1994 and has not been introduced in any new cameras for over a decade due to its speed and capacity limitations.

Does this CFast card work with the RED KOMODO 6K?

We are currently working with RED on getting final approval in their certification process.

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