Manufacturer Refurbished ProGrade Digital CFexpress™ Type B 2.0 Memory Card (Cobalt) 1700


ProGrade Digital has developed its new CFexpress™ Type B 2.0 Cobalt class memory cards with next-generation performance leveraging PCIe, Gen 3 interconnect with NVMe host controller interface for use in future Mirrorless, DSLR, and high-definition video cameras. Available in 165GB, 325GB, and 650GB capacity and performance levels provide read speeds up to 1700MB/s – ideal for quickly off-loading high volumes of video or RAW photos and minimum sustained write speeds up to 1,400MB/s – ideal for uninterrupted, cinematic capture of RAW 4K, 6K, and 8K video.

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MANUFACTURER REFURBISHED. This product has passed our meticulous manufacturer's refurbished testing that measures functionality and eliminates any defects. We do not sell any products that do not pass these stringent tests.

*Cards without the "R" logo on the label are NOT compatible with Refresh Pro software.

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