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  • ProGrade Digital CFexpress™ Type A

    ProGrade Digital’s CFexpress™ Type A card delivers a minimum sustained write speed of 400MB/s (VPG 400) – specifically designed for high-resolution video capture.

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Why choose the CFexpress Type A Card?

Key Features about the CFexpress Type A Memory Card

No dropped frames

The high-performance of this memory card allows it to perform at a sustained read rate of up to 800MB/s and a sustained write speed of up to 400MB/s (VPG 400) – specifically designed for high-resolution video capture.

Unmatched performance

Optimized for 6K, 5K, 4K, UHD, high bit rate MPEG-4, and Raw Video

Optimized for video

No matter the video format you pick, the CFexpress card will allow you to capture video with confidence.

CFexpress Type A compatibility

CFexpress Type A cards are smaller than CFexpress Type B and smaller than an SD card. They will only work in devices that have a CFexpress Type A slot. Currently there are only a few Sony cameras on the market that accept these cards. All CFexpress Type A cards are also compatible with the ProGrade Digital CFexpress Type A and SD dual-slot reader (PG09).

Why ProGrade Digital?


Enhance your business and boost your reputation with the quality CFexpress memory cards ProGrade Digital offers. We understand the strict standards you set for yourself and your gear and offer memory cards with the performance, quality, and reliability that professional photographers and videographers demand.


The quality control that our CFexpress Type A Memory Cards go through before leaving our facility is second to none. We strive for the lowest possible field failure rate using time-consuming and rigorous sample testing. By the time our cards hit the market, they have undergone hours of testing so you can rest assured that your card will perform flawlessly.


Leveraging our years of experience working closely with professional DSLR and video camera manufacturers, we ensure that all of our CFexpress memory cards meet rigorous compatibility and qualification tests. One of our testing metrics is verifying that our cards operate within thousands of different camera models and meet quality compliance with the manufacturers’ requirements.

Customer Support

We wholly believe that our customers come first, which is why if at any point during your ownership of one of our CFexpress cards you experience issues, we will be happy to assist you. Our customer support is unprecedented and we look forward to introducing you to it.


What Others Say About Us
Ethan R.

The fastest most reliable memory card I have ever bought

This has to be my favorite customer service experience I have ever had. I went on the website and found the product I wanted was sold out. I called the phone number on the website and Ed, the VP and Co-founder answered the phone. He was able to find out a new shipment was coming in the same day and had his warehouse set everything up for me to have it next day shipped. A very professional and kind person.

On top of this the quality of the memory cards are amazing, I have a GH5 and I needed the reliable read and write speed. These cards delivered perfectly for my trip to Bali. I will be buying more products from Prograde.

Thank you again Ed!


Kennith W.

Different. Genuinely different.

This isn't just a private label. Somehow, they got a factory to tool up with an improved polymer, improved PCB, lower resistance, higher power handling...

I was wondering if these things were worth it, or even good at all. They are.

All the real specifications are right there in your face. No nonsense. You know precisely what it's going to do, and it's built to last and endure all those high data rate cycles.

People don't think about that. This stuff does wear, and heat is how it happens. This card can take a beating, and is worth every penny. I know where I'm getting my cards from now on.

Bryan R.

Fast, Reliable Cards, Won't be Buying Any Other Brands

I've been a professional full-time photographer for more than ten years and I know that the most important thing from every shoot, the reason the clients are paying me, is for the photos and videos that I create from that shoot. Ever since the release of the Canon 5D Mk III, I've been duplicating data for my still images during every shoot, writing each image to two cards which made me feel confident that I'd never lose an image (and I never have), but this last year I started shooting video for clients and purchased the Canon EOS R, which only has one card slot. Since the content I produce is the most important thing and I could no longer duplicate it on the spot, I knew that I had to get the most reliable SD Cards I could. In the past I've used Lexar cards for my entire career, but from online reviews, it appears that their quality has gone down in the last few years (the company was also sold during this time), and I cannot afford the risk of losing any content. I had heard of Prograde from a friend, so I started researching them and through my research was convinced that they make superior cards to other manufacturers an I ended up purchasing one of their v90 cards. The card is so incredibly fast and I'm very confident in the safety of my data on this card. I have a Lexar card that's rated fast enough for me to shoot 4K video on it, but in reality it won't buffer fast enough and can't keep up with the camera, so I was forced to shoot in 1080p with that card. I've never been able to out shoot my prograde card, or seen it bog down or slow down in anyway. I'll be buying only prograde cards from now on.

CFExpress Type A Cobalt Technical Specs

In-depth CFexpress technical specifications
Read Speed
Up to 800MB/s
Write Speed
Up to 700MB/s
Form Factor
CFexpress Type A Cards
Type A: 29.6mm x 38.5mm x 3.8mm
Operating Temperature
-10°C to 70°C
Storing Temperature
-20C to 85C
Save Battery
Low power consumption for extended battery life when recording continuous video.
3-year warranty